Tale As Old As Time? The Representation of The Disney Princesses

You’d struggle to find someone who isn’t familiar with at least one of the . Many children grow up watching the princesses sing, dance and live happily ever after. But these movies often get a bad reputation, with one study suggesting watching the films could encourage young girls to conform to potentially harmful . The 21st-century princess films have been praised for and platforming more . But is the representation of the princesses in earlier Dis

Quines Writes: Key Change, Woke, Artificial Things and more

The fourth instalment in Stellar Quines' writing programme for young women in partnership with YWCA, Feminist Fringe and The List Quines Writes is a writing programme for young womxn hosted by Stellar Quines, in partnership with YWCA, Feminist Fringe and The List, with the aim of tackling the gender imbalance in theatre criticism. Over six weeks, participants (Ella Pennycott, Louisa Doyle, Eve Simpson, Rebecca McIlroy, Carolyn Paterson, Katie Dibb and Ellen Leslie) will be given the opportunity

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